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April 22nd/23rd 2017


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Crystal Therapy



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Radiant Circuits - Cardiff Sat/Sunday

The Radiant Circuits
The Energy Pathways to Joy
Donna Eden with David Feinstein
Saturday 4th March 9-4pm, Sunday 5th March 10-1pm
Early bird £140 until 30th December. Standard ticket £155

On Friday evening Donna will cover the basic concepts of Energy Medicine and on Saturday and Sunday she will delve deeply into the Radiant Circuits – our happy meridians!

When your Radiant Circuits are active, you feel happy, with a sense of wonder, thanksgiving, awe and trust. 

Donna and David Pro Shots 4

Far more than a giddy kind of joy or happiness, this is a gratifying feeling that wells from deep within, independent of what is going on around you. As Neurochemist Candace Pert came to believe, “Happiness is our natural state.” Bliss is chemically hardwired in our endorphins and energetically carried by our Radiant Circuits. Because our Radiant Circuits are a distinctly “positive” energy they erode negativity and imbue us with a sense of optimistic and hopeful gratitude about life

This energy system tunes you into your deepest wisdom, these “extraordinary” meridians, as they have also been called, also help us develop greater intuition and psychic ability

The Radiant Circuits don’t only keep your mind happy, they keep your body happy and healthy, acting as hyper links connecting everything together. In our stress-dominated culture, however, the Radiant Circuits are often compromised. 

This class will teach you about this important energy system and how to help it flourish so it can do its job of keeping you healthy happy, and radiant.

If you want to feel joyful and learn to handle life and change with grace come and activate your Radiant Circuits with Donna and David!

The Energy Pathways to Joy  

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