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How Fit is Your Face

April 22nd/23rd 2017


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Crystal Therapy



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yoga tree    an Oasis of Calm in the Centre of the City


Cardiff Natural Health Show

Live your Vision!

Next Show will be in 2016 - dates to be confirmed!

Vision for Living was established in 1995 to create a platform in Wales for people to meet, learn about and  enjoy a natural way for better health and happiness. From that vision the Cardiff Natural Health Show was formed.

The show is a dynamic mix of lectures, workshops, music and demonstrations bringing together a community of amazing teachers, authors, therapist and retailers.

At each event we have a great programme of free lectures from confidence building, crystal therapy, yoga, dance, meditation to healing etc

Each show features local and international speakers –and we have welcomed to the show many wonderful people including Donna Eden, The Barefoot Doctor, David Hamilton, David Wells, William Bloom Diana Cooper and  Michael Neil

Our exhibition hall is a buzzing marketplace with exhibitors and therapists – offering the chance to indulge in a treatment, have a life reading, met therapists and trainers and indulge  in some “Holistic retail therapy”

If you want time to relax, enjoy, and recharge then come and visit us!!!

Sign up here to find out all the very latest that is happening at Vision for Living and the Cardiff Natural Health Show.


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