Deep Dive

Do you want to go deeper? Do you want to have a new understanding of the amazing energetic tapestry that is within each of us? In Deep Dive we are going to go on a journey together..

Deep Dive

We will look at 3 key topics:

    • The Divergent channels, as they balance and integrate our energy map
    • Distance means “nothing and everything” – working from toes to knees and fingers to elbows, find out why acupoints in these areas are some of the most powerful in the body and how that evolves our energetic work and understandings
    • The Energy Stream, as the reservoir of the feminine, that can help almost every condition


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    Every single moment, we all “read” and respond to the energy within us, other people, animals, nature, places and situations. Kim’s teaching aims to help empower that natural ability in each of us.

    All our experiences, thoughts, feelings past and present are held as patterns within our energy systems and we can work with those patterns and energy habits to help us experience more health, vitality and joy. We can all tap into and align with our energetic template for vibrant emotional, physical and spiritual health.

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