SPRING into SPRING – The HOW to Guide!
Live Zoom Class with Kim Dowdell

March 21st 6-8pm (UK time)
Fee £25

Join me on the Spring Equinox for a Live Zoom workshop – SPRING into SPRING. The class will be RECORDED and supported by comprehensive notes.

When you don’t follow your Nature there is a whole in the     Universe where you were supposed to be – Dane Rudhyar

The call of awakening Nature is with us now.

As we enter Spring, new life is everywhere around us, the trees are budding, Spring flowers are emerging, young animals are in the fields, the crisp Spring weather is calling us outdoors.

A core principle of Oriental Medicine is to live in harmony with the Seasons – to live as Nature lives.

Now after the deep Yin of Winter, is the time for us to align with the Season of new life and begin our Yang journey of new creation. We are entering the season of birth, expansion and growth, our energy wants to burst forward now to find our dreams, direction and unique pathway. Full of new potential, this is one of the most exciting times of the year, let’s take up our place in the dance of life!

In this Spring, Yang class, we will:

    • Call on the Spring acupressure points
    • Focus on the powerful Liver and Gallbladder pathways in the body energy system
    • Connect with the Green Dragon of the Wood Energy
    • Align with the Hun – the ethereal soul, the spirit energy of the Spring/Wood energy.
    • Join with our emerging Yang energy so we can dream our dreams, create our life vision, bring new growth to our lives.

The Spring, Wood energy of the Liver and Gallbladder is all about new possibilities, strong, healthy boundaries, hormonal balance, visioning our best future, healthy eyesight, balanced assertiveness, courage and clear decision making, physical strength and flexibility and happy enthusiasm. If you would like to SPRING into SPRING it would be lovely to see you.

The class will be recorded so if you are not able to join live you can watch the replay whenever you want and wherever you are in the World!

The wonderful Madison King will be hosting -The workshop will be on March 21st from 6-8pm UK Time. Fee is £25.

I hope you can join us

Access and Upgrade your Vitality!
A Live and Recorded Online Workshop with Kim Dowdell

February 24 and 28th from 6-8pm UK time
Fee £55

“Tradition: How the vitality of the past enriches the life of the present” T.S. Elliot

In Oriental tradition inner harmony, vitality and longevity were considered the goal of life.

In this class we will weave together techniques to honour that tradition and our own health and vitality.

  • Many people at this time are dealing with low grade stress and inflammation, we will explore the impact that has on our ability to achieve optimum health and vitality
  • We will practice together opening our energy flows with the TEN GATES acupressure protocol for inner balance and harmony
  • Zheng Qi and the 4 corrects to support energy flow
  • A powerful acupressure protocol for stress and anxiety
  • There are profound acupressure points that open the pathways to our vital energy, they have formed a foundation for traditional Energy Medicine for centuries. Many of them have beautiful names like Gate of Hope and Cloud Gate. I will share with you the knowledge and power of these wonderful points

This will be a practical workshop full of techniques and exercises you can work with for yourself and introduce to others or into an energy practice

Let’s dive into vitality together!

  The workshop will be in 2 parts via a live Zoom workshop. It will also be recorded so you can watch anytime, from anywhere in the World! It will be supported by comprehensive written notes. The fee for the workshop, including notes and lifetime access to replays is £55

Some comments from Kim’s zoom classes 
You were fantastic in our last class! Thank you for these classes. EB
Thank you for the amazing workshops you are running. I am loving them and learning SO much. GW
Thank you so much for a really interesting webinar. You are a font of knowledge and teach with such ease. You make learning fun and interesting. MY

Kim Dowdell has over 26 years’ experience in the Holistic Health field. She has trained in Acupuncture and Cosmetic Acupuncture, Mindfulness, Reflexology, Colour Therapy, Shamanic Soul, Kinesiology, Crystal Therapy and Crystal Acupuncture. Over the years, Kim has trained 1000s of students. She runs her own Crystal Therapy Training School and since 1995 has been the founder and director of Vision for Living, a company dedicated to promoting Natural Health events, workshops and festivals; For nearly a decade Kim has worked closely with Donna Eden – supporting EEM in the UK and organising and running her tours and workshops here in the UK

Acupressure for Children Healthy, Happy Kids in Lockdown and beyond
Online Live Zoom workshop with Kim Dowdell

A live and RECORDED class supported by comprehensive notes

Are you a parent, grandparent, carer, auntie, uncle or friend to a child or children?  If so, this workshop will show you how to help the young ones you know and love.

Gentle acupressure can help children of all ages, from infants to teenagers, with some of the conditions and symptoms that commonly show up for them-  like insomnia, appetite, stomach upsets, earaches, anxiety, concentration, confidence, asthma, sore throats, runny nose, diarrhoea and more   


  • During the workshop you will learn acupressure points to help with ALL of the above and more…
  • A daily energy “Tune Up” suitable for younger kids and teenagers– YOU will learn the routine which you can then teach to the children in your life, so they can help themselves every-day in a fun, easy way
  • We will also look at the 5 elements in kids – How that shows up in personality traits/emotional responses and why some children are prone to certain ailments, while others sail through with no symptoms
  • Lockdown, coronavirus and all the changes that it has brought with it, has had a huge impact on society, relationships and education not just for adults but also profoundly for young people of all ages. We will look at techniques, acupressure points and exercises that will help the young people we know and love move through this time with confidence and stability

The workshop will be live on January 29th and February 1st  from 6-8pm UK time and is supported by a comprehensive e manual. IT WILL BE RECORDED, WITH LIFETIME ACCESS, so you can join from anywhere in the World and watch at anytime and as often as you want!


As we start to move towards the next stage and prepare to move out of Lockdown, I am delighted to send you details of the next in the Zoom Classes series I am sharing at this time.
Our natural resilience is held in  different parts  of our energy systems and now is the time to call it forward as we take our next individual and collective  steps into the ‘new normal’

In this class we will

  • Work with the Revitalising points in the body – the key to the Oriental concept of “live long – live well”
  • We often can view TW meridian as an expression of stress but TW is also a source of Resilience we will learn to activate our TW strength now
  • The 3 Burners and Inner strength hold
  • The Subtle energy bodies in the Aura – building resilience through our subtle energies
  • The Chong Mai and resilience

We will work with engaging our energetic support systems to move deep into our core so we can rest in health and emotional balance there  as we move forward

The class will take place Live via  Zoom on  Tuesday June 2nd 6-8pm UK time. All attendees with receive supporting notes and there will FREE lifetime access to the class RECORDING.

The cost of the class is £25.


Crystal and Chakra Workshops – learn how to work with crystals to balance the energy systems in your body.

3 Live Zoom (and recorded)


October 24/27/30th


6-9pm UK time



Vibrational Acupressure Workshop
Crystals, Colour, Essential oils, Flower Remedies – The Frequency Gateways to Energetic Health

An Online workshop with Kim Dowdell
From 6-9pm (UK time) on April 6/8/11 2021

The Vibrational Acupressure workshop will be recorded and supported by comprehensive notes. You can join the Live classes or view at anytime, anywhere in the World!

Traditional Energy Medicine has always worked alongside Nature. Plants, Crystals flowers, oils have held the hands of healers for thousands of years.

Nature’s frequencies and our own energy systems are natural partners. In the Vibrational Acupressure workshop we will weave together patterns of energetic health with powerful acupressure points and the frequencies of colour, crystals, flower remedies and essential oils.

Colour is everywhere around and within us, it weaves the palate of life, healing, reviving, relaxing us.

“Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful: they are sunshine, food and medicine to the mind” (Luther Burbank) Flower remedies and essential oils are wonderful companions for every healing journey.

We walk on a Crystalline Planet- Stone Medicine is a gift to us from the inner matrix of the Earth.

Do you love Nature?

Would you like to join me on a journey of vibrational alchemy welcoming nature into your energetic system?

I love experiencing the energetic shifts that happen for people when we weave acupressure points with vibrational frequencies. In the workshop, I will share with you, vibrational energy protocols and exercises that you can work with for yourself and share with others.

Just some of the things we will explore are:

  • Potent acupressure points and the flower remedies, essential oils and crystals that enliven and nourish them
  • A Yin /Yang energy balancing technique with acupressure and flower remedies, oils and crystals
  • A Spirit level protocol encompassing acupressure, oils, flower essences, crystals and colour
  • Creating an Energy Grid with the Nature frequencies

I do hope you can join me.

The Vibrational Acupressure workshop will take place over 3 classes. Each class is 3 hours  duration and from 6-9pm UK time on April 6/8/11th. The Live Zoom workshop will be recorded so if you are unable to attend live you can watch the recordings at anytime and wherever you are in the World. The Fee is £120 which includes, the 3 live classes, comprehensive supporting notes and lifetime access to the class recordings.

Deep Restorative Winter Rest- The HOW to Guide!

I am delighted to invite you to join me for a Live Zoom workshop – The Deep, Restorative Winter Rest.  The class will be RECORDED and supported by comprehensive notes.

The change of seasons and the very real effect they have on the human body energy fields have long been worked with and acknowledged by many ancient cultures

I’m excited to weave together some of these ancient wisdoms and bring them to you in a way you can incorporate into a modern-day lifestyle.

As we move into Winter, the trees are bare, the nights long and deep and the Earth has moved into its deepest Yin cycle and the deep Winter rest and rejuvenation.

A core principal of Oriental Medicine is to live in harmony with the Seasons – to live as Nature lives. NOW is the time for us to connect with our own deepest Yin energy and to welcome the rejuvenation of the deep Winter energies.

In this Winter Rejuvenation workshop, we will:

  • Call on the Winter acupressure points
  • Align with our deepest Yin, and the restorative, nourishment of the Kidney energy system and her Yang partner, the Bladder energy
  • Explore effective ways of working with the key acupressure points that directly target this particular change of season and support that transition
  • Connect with the Dark Goddess, Xi Wang Mu of the Water Energy
  • Call forth our ancestral Jing energy
  •  Bring to us the Water alchemy of Will into Wisdom

As we move out of the “great letting go” and detoxification of  Autumn, now is the time for us to work with Nature again and  move deep into rest ,sleep and the dark mystery of Winter and the Water element .

The class will be recorded so if you are not able to join live you can watch the replay whenever you want and wherever you are in the World!

The wonderful Madison King will be hosting -The workshop will be on November 30th 2020, from 6-8pm UK Time and costs £25.

You can contact me at


Crystal and Chakra Workshops – learn how to work with crystals to balance the energy systems in your body.

3 Live Zoom (and recorded)


October 24/27/30th


6-9pm UK time



The Vagus nerve and the Habit Field online workshop with Kim Dowdell December 14/15th
6-9pm UK time

This workshop is open to people who have completed at least one Vagus Nerve workshop with Kim.

In the Vagus Nerve and the Habit field workshop we are going to work deeply with the energies of change – and explore how the Vagus Nerve can provide the vital, often missing, key to manifesting positive change.

When you look at your life does it sometimes seem like you are stuck in Repeat Mode – do you recognise that in your clients?

Do you or your clients yearn for change – yet struggle to create or maintain it

Research shows that we have the same thoughts 80% of the time – day after day – we are literally in almost constant Repeat mode!

We will be Working with the Vagus Nerve, acupressure points and protocols along with emotional re-patterning to make the change into Creating rather than Repeating.

Energy Detox – The HOW to Guide! ZOOM CLASS

with Kim Dowdell




A 2 hour Zoom Class  – Re-set your Immune System  with Kim Dowdell


Zoom class



The prerequisite for this workshop is previous attendance of a Vagus Nerve workshop with Kim.

Topics we will look at will include but not limited to:

  • Shock and Trauma and its impact on the Nervous System and the Vagus Nerve
  • The Kidney and Heart Protector meridians as “holders” of shock in the body
  • How shock and trauma in Chinese medicine is seen to impact the Zhi and Shen
  • Original shock as a detriment of our primary energetic element
  • The Chong Mai or Penetrating vessel and early shock and Trauma
  • Birth as our first “shock”
  • We will look at the work of Stephen Porges, Peter Levine, Bassel Van Volk and how their literature and research has progressed our understanding of shock, trauma and the Vagus Nerve


The fee is £110

The fee covers all 3 classes.

THE VAGUS NERVE WORKSHOP ONLINE – The Missing link to Health, Connection and Intuition?

Often termed the Wanderer, The Vagus Nerve is the longest cranial nerve in the body. It connects our Brain to our body and can be the missing link behind depression, anxiety, stress, weight gain, chronic fatigue, breathing disorders like asthma, heartburn, I.B.S. and digestive problems, memory, TMJ, chronic inflammation, fainting, mood disorders, B12 deficiency and seizures.

The workshop will consist of 3 x 3 hour zoom classes over 9 days. All sessions will be recorded and all participants will receive a comprehensive manual. There will be also be a free Q&A for workshop participants.


The fee is £95.

The fee covers all 3 classes.


Advanced Techniques and Protocols for the Vagus Nerve

3 Zoom classes

This workshop is open to those who have completed a Vagus Nerve workshop with Kim.


The fee covers all 3 classes.

The fee is £105



The “fit face” workshop is a unique way of working with the body’s own energy to maximise your skin’s radiance and optimise your health.


Near Cowbridge
Vale of Glamorgan




10am – 5pm