A 2 hour Zoom Class  – Re-set your Immune System  on Thursday April 30th from 6-8pm with Kim Dowdell

During the class we will:

  • Learn a series of acupressure points that are traditionally used to strengthen our Immune system and bring up health and vitality Learn the huge role Stomach, Spleen, Lung and Large Intestine are being called upon to play currently in our Energy Systems
  • We will learn a Daily Immune Boosting and Lung Strengthening routine that takes just minutes
  • We will look at how important the Vagus Nerve is for our health and emotional resilience and weave in an exercise to help maximise high Vagal tone. There is a great sense of unsafety at the moment and that hits our Vagus Nerve, so we will work to support it during this time
  • When we are able to centre our energy and emotions we naturally start to rest in a place of increased physical and emotional health and resilience so we will bring forward key points and techniques to help us move into calm and centredness
  • The techniques, points and exercises can be worked with for self-care, to share with others and if you are a therapist integrated into treatments once we are back helping others in the treatment room again

The workshop will be full of practical techniques and also guide you into an understanding of how our Energy System is nurtured so we can be in the best possible place to deal with the current Global situation

The workshop fee will be £20 – to book a place on the Zoom Room Class please use the Book now button.

To contact kim about the workshop please email me or .


Zoom Class


Thursday April 30th from 6-8pm