Advanced Vagus Nerve Online Workshop


Advanced Techniques and Protocols for the Vagus Nerve

  • Lifetime access to 3 x3 hour classes – recordings of live zoom classes
  • 35 page e -manual
  • Fee £105

3 Zoom classes

This workshop is open to those who have completed a Vagus Nerve workshop with Kim.

In this advanced training we are building on the knowledge and techniques from the Vagus Nerve workshop. We will explore some more understandings of the Vagus Nerve, together with practical techniques, exercises and protocols as we deepen our relationship to the Vagus nerve and explore different ways to work with Vagal Tone for ourselves and others.

This is such an exciting time in the development of Vagus Nerve theory and therapeutic practice. I hope you can join me!

Topics will include – but not limited to:

  • Networking the Vagus nerve with energy points on body and feet
  • The implication of Infection of the Vagus nerve
  • The role of the Trapezius Muscle, the Kidney meridian and the Vagus Nerve
  • Deepening understanding of the Spleen/Vagus Nerve relationship
  • The Alta Major Chakra, the Heart and the Vagus Nerve protocol– a spiritual alignment of the Vagus Nerve
  • Sound and the Vagus Nerve
  • Polyvagal Theory and the Vagus Nerve – further exploration and practical techniques
  • Practical protocol for the Chakras and the Vagus Nerve

The course – consists of 3  Zoom classes. The course will be full of practical techniques and exercises to help you deepen your work with the Vagus Nerve and its key role in a holistic approach to wellbeing on all levels

The fee is £105

The fee covers all 3 classes.


The fee is £105
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