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The Vagus Nerve – The Missing link to Health, Connection and Intuition?

The Vagus Nerve is at the frontier of a whole new understanding and way of working with our Body and Energy Systems

Often termed the Wanderer, The Vagus Nerve is the longest cranial nerve in the body. It connects our Brain to our body and can be the missing link behind depression, anxiety, stress, weight gain, chronic fatigue, breathing disorders like asthma, heartburn, I.B.S. and digestive problems, memory, TMJ, chronic inflammation,  fainting, mood disorders, B12 deficiency and seizures.

Remarkable research over the past 2 decades has revealed how important The Vagal Nerve is to the nervous system and the fight/flight, rest and repair and the freeze response.

It also has been termed the nerve of compassion and connection – stimulating telepathy, empathy, intuition and supports higher states of consciousness.

These new insights are also heralding the beginning of an exciting new field of treatment for Autism and Trauma recovery.

As a bridge between the Energetic and the Physical we will explore the multiple connections the  Vagus Nerve makes within our body and energy systems and work with Energetic exercises and techniques, Acupressure points and sequences to increase our Vagal Tone:

  • The Vagus Nerve and the breath – the fast track to Vagal tone
  • The Vagus Nerve, the Spleen Meridian and the Immune system
  • Acupupressure points that positvely impact Vagus Nerve functioning
  • The importance of the Aura and the Vagus Nerve
  • Language, social connection and the Vagus nerve
  • Polyvagal theory and its’s revolutionary impact on our understanding of stress, a and the flight, fright and freeze response
  • The Vagus Nerve, the Gut-Brain axis and Mental Health
  • A therapeutic protocol you can use for yourself and share with others to bring the Vagus Nerve “network” into positive energetic health
  • Mindfulness and the Vagus Nerve
  • Some comments from Kim’s latest On-Line Classes 
  • You were fantastic in our last class! Thank you for these classes. EB
    Thank you for the amazing workshops you are running. I am loving them and learning SO much. GW
    Thank you so much for a really interesting webinar. You are a font of knowledge and teach with such ease. You make learning fun and interesting. MY

ABOUT KIM – Kim is the founder of The Vagus Nerve Method and is a teacher of Energetics – she is a qualified acupuncturist and cosmetic acupuncturist. Kim also has wide experience in the Wellness field for over 25 years including Crystal Therapy, Colour Therapy, Energy Medicine, Reflexology and Shamanic Soul Retrieval and has worked with thousands of people in private practice, teaching and organising events. Kim established Vision for Living in 1995 and is the founder and director of the Cardiff Festival of Wellbeing.

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The fee is £95
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