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“Tradition: How the vitality of the past enriches the life of the present” T.S. Elliot


In Oriental tradition inner harmony, vitality and longevity were considered the goal of life.

In this class we will weave together techniques to honour that tradition and our own health and vitality.

  • Many people at this time are dealing with low grade stress and inflammation, we will explore the impact that has on our ability to achieve optimum health and vitality
  • We will practice together opening our energy flows with the TEN GATES acupressure protocol for inner balance and harmony
  • Zheng Qi and the 4 corrects to support energy flow
  • A powerful acupressure protocol for stress and anxiety
  • There are profound acupressure points that open the pathways to our vital energy, they have formed a foundation for traditional Energy Medicine for centuries. Many of them have beautiful names like Gate of Hope and Cloud Gate. I will share with you the knowledge and power of these wonderful points

This will be a practical workshop full of techniques and exercises you can work with for yourself and introduce to others or into an energy practice

Let’s dive into vitality together!

The workshop will be in 2 parts via a live Zoom workshop. It will also be recorded so you can watch anytime, from anywhere in the World! It will be supported by comprehensive written notes. The fee for the workshop, including notes and lifetime access to replays is £55

Some comments from Kim’s zoom classes
You were fantastic in our last class! Thank you for these classes. EB
Thank you for the amazing workshops you are running. I am loving them and learning SO much. GW
Thank you so much for a really interesting webinar. You are a font of knowledge and teach with such ease. You make learning fun and interesting. MY

Kim Dowdell has over 26 years’ experience in the Holistic Health field. She has trained in Acupuncture and Cosmetic Acupuncture, Mindfulness, Reflexology, Colour Therapy, Shamanic Soul, Kinesiology, Crystal Therapy and Crystal Acupuncture. Over the years, Kim has trained 1000s of students. She runs her own Crystal Therapy Training School and since 1995 has been the founder and director of Vision for Living, a company dedicated to promoting Natural Health events, workshops and festivals; For nearly a decade Kim has worked closely with Donna Eden – supporting EEM in the UK and organising and running her tours and workshops here in the UK


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