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Vagus Nerve

The Vagus Nerve is at the frontier of a whole new understanding and way of working with our Body and Energy Systems.
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A Deep Dive into our Body Energy Systems

Do you want to go deeper? Do you want to have a new understanding of the amazing energetic tapestry that is within each of us? In Deep Dive we are going to go on a journey together..
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The Pain Class

If you are in pain right now, then you are not alone. At any one time, studies have soon that at least 20% of people around the World have pain that has lasted more than 3 months- That is a lot of people in pain for a long time!
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Step into Summer - The HOW to Guide!

After the rising Yang energy of Spring, in Summer we move into the height of Yang in Nature and within our own energy systems. Our energy is at its peak now.

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SPRING into SPRING – The HOW to Guide!

Now after the deep Yin of Winter, is the time for us to align with the Season of new life and begin our Yang journey of new creation. We are entering the season of birth, expansion and growth..
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The Autumn Energies

As we move into Autumn and the trees lose their leaves, the nights start to deepen and the Earth gets ready to move into its Yin cycle we can call on the Autumn energy of release to help us energetically detox in preparation..
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Deep Restorative Winter Rest- The HOW to Guide!

As we move into Winter, the trees are bare, the nights long and deep and the Earth has moved into its deepest Yin cycle and the deep Winter rest and rejuvenation.
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Inflammation is the often secret shadow behind many illnesses, especially chronic, long term patterns of ill health. Inflammation is involved in depression, chronic fatigue, diabetes..
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The Shénmì workshop

In energy work we have amazing treatments and protocols that can achieve profound results. However, does it seem that your work sometimes..
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The Mysterious and Glorious Triple Warmer

The Triple Warmer is the most discussed and yet the most elusive and mysterious topic in Chinese Medicine. In the Mysterious and Glorious Triple
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MÌNGYÙN is Destiny – our Soul path. Every January, with the beginning of a new year, we are called to turn within to contact our deepest Yin energy..
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Vibrational Acupressure Workshop

Traditional Energy Medicine has always worked alongside Nature. Plants, Crystals flowers, oils have held the hands of healers for thousands of years.
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Oriental Wisdom - The Powerhouse Points and Protocols

In the Powerhouse Points and Protocols workshop we will draw on the wisdom from the Original Chinese Medicine texts..
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Access and Upgrade your Vitality!

In Oriental tradition inner harmony, vitality and longevity were considered the goal of life. In this class we will weave together techniques to honour..
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Crystal Workshop - Stone Medicine

We are essentially crystalline in structure, which is why working with crystals and minerals is so powerful and natural for us. In the Online Stone Medicine Crystal…
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Nourished by Nature – The Earth Element

As we embrace Late Summer and the Earth element, we move into that special time when Yin and Yang sit in balance – that pivotal point as we start the journey..
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Acupressure for Happy Kids

Gentle acupressure can help children of all ages, from infants to teenagers, with some of the conditions and symptoms that commonly show up for them..
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Ancient Wisdom for Emotional Health

Recent research has indicated that the events of the past 18 months have seen an almost 40% rise..
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Covid 19 – an Energetic Exploration

n this workshop we will explore some of the energetic understandings around Covid 19 through the lens of Oriental Medicine.
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BUILDING RESILIENCE – How To Recalibrate Our Energies As We Unfold From Lock-Down

Our natural resilience is held in different parts of our energy systems and now is the time to call it forward..
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Fit Face

In Fit Face we take a step back from what today’s youth-oriented society defines as beauty: the Botox, fillers, trout lips, lifts, skin peeling, airbrushing..
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