Chronic Conditions

 Online Workshop

Chronic Conditions

An Energy Approach

with Kim Dowdell

Hosted by Madison King

May 12th and 15th 7pm-9.30pm London time

Fee £98

The Workshop will be recorded with Lifetime access so you can watch anytime and anywhere in the World 

It is estimated that nearly 60% of all adults in the United States live with a chronic health condition and in the UK the figure is one in 4.

In their report of 2023 The World Health Organization said globally chronic health conditions (NCDs) were “taking an immense and increasing toll on lives”.

 With the statistics for people living with at least one chronic condition growing every year – it is a health situation that is calling out to us all.  The “Chronic Conditions “ class forms part of a series working with an energy approach to help understand and address this growing global health challenge.

In this first class in the series, we will explore some of the key principles involved in chronic health conditions :

  • I will review with you the 4 key conditions behind chronic health challenges
  • We will examine the inflammatory response and chronic conditions
  • I will discuss the link between Vagus Nerve/Nervous System Regulation and chronic health issues AND  share with you key Vagus Nerve toning techniques
  • We will explore Oriental Medicine – Qi, Blood and Yin as the foundation of health
  • You will learn profound understandings from the Five Element Acupuncture tradition around challenging long-term health conditions
  • An inflamed brain and chronic conditions – they are not separate!
  • We will work with key acu-points points and practices that underpin energetic health and resilience and resistance to chronic dis-ease

I hope you can join me as we explore how energy work can offer a natural way for us to build health, resilience and longevity!

The Live zoom class – “Chronic conditions – An Energetic Approach” is on May 12th and 15th from 7-9.30pm London time. It will be recorded and supported by comprehensive handouts.  The fee is £98.




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