Covid 19 – an Energetic Exploration

The Vagus Nerve, Pathogen Pathways and Evolutionary Stress
An online workshop with Kim Dowdell

The class will be RECORDED and supported by comprehensive notes.

In this workshop we will explore some of the energetic understandings around Covid 19 through the lens of Oriental Medicine. We can view the current global pandemic as an evolutionary stress and one that calls us to re-examine many areas of life and health, both individually and collectively.

In the workshop we will bring forward insights and understandings on how illness may move through our body energy systems and learn techniques and protocols ​specifically to help overcome the myriad challenges in our modern Western world, especially Covid-19

Our topics will include

  • The Vagus Nerve and Covid 19
  • Long Covid, inflammation and the immune response
  • Pathogen pathways through the body
  • We will explore the energetics of why some people have become so ill and others experience minimal symptoms
  • The energy of evolutionary stress
  • The extraordinary meridians/radiant circuits and the energy of 2020 and 2021
  • Building up our energetic resilience and the Triple Warmer meridian
  • Acupressure points and protocols to support full body energy

The workshop will be an energetic journey and exploration into an understanding of how illness can progress through our body systems and the many wonderful ways we can move into more vibrant energetic health.

The class will be recorded so if you are not able to join live you can watch the replay whenever you want and wherever you are in the World!

The wonderful Madison King is hosting.



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