We are essentially crystalline in structure, which is why working with crystals and minerals is so powerful and natural for us.

In the Online Stone Medicine Crystal workshops you will learn to effectively and powerfully work with your own Crystalline structure and the Mineral kingdom.

Nearly every Indigenous culture that has been studied in the World has worked with crystals, whether for healing, decoration, ceremony, protection or divination. We will explore this beautiful, ancient, intuitive healing Art

I am really excited to share one of the great passions in my life – working alongside Nature and the mineral kingdom.

The Stone Medicine, online Crystal workshop consists of 3 recorded classes that are available for Lifetime REPLAY- so you can watch anytime, anywhere in the World and as often as you like! The course is also accompanied by comprehensive supporting notes. The fee for all 3 classes and workshop manual is £105.

We walk on our beautiful crystalline Earth – I would love you to walk with me as we explore:

  • The core groundwork for working with crystals – how to choose, cleanse, programme and charge crystals so you have a solid foundation to introduce crystals into your life and work
  • The chakra energy system and crystals to balance the chakras
  • The meridian system and crystals
  • Manifesting with crystals
  • The importance of Grounding when working with crystals and the most powerful grounding stones
  • The Aura and Crystals – keeping the Aura strong and in place
  • Crystal Grids – The crystal energy templates
  • How to accurately and confidently use a pendulum
  • How to use confidence arcs in dowsing to fast track your dowsing skills
  • The top 12 crystals every energy worker needs
  • Crystals for blocked energy and pain, protection, meditation, enhancing intuition abundance, love, confidence, creativity and spiritual connection

It is a great joy to connect with your own unique ability to link to the Crystal World, expand your subtle sensing and feel the frequency and vibration of crystals, allowing them to expand your intuition, healing touch and inner wisdom.

In Crystal work we learn to see with different eyes and feel with different hands –

I hope you are able to join me on this Crystal journey.

Kim Dowdell is an experienced Crystal Therapist and Trainer who, over the past 25 years, has taught thousands of people how to work with crystals in their lives. She also has a wide experience in the healing arts including Acupuncture, Cosmetic Acupuncture, Energy Medicine, Reflexology, Kinesiology and Shamanic Soul Retrieval. Kim offers a warm, accessible and clear teaching style.



Accredited Crystal Therapy Practitioner Certificate and Diploma Courses
Dates to be announced

A One year part-time Certificate and a Two year part-time Diploma both leading to a professional Qualification in Crystal Therapy.

Both courses cover many aspects of vibrational medicine and are taught by Kim Dowdell – tutor for :
The Crystal Therapy Training School – Wales, which is a member of the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA)


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Joining link zoom codes are sent out 48 hours before a live zoom class and within 24 hours of a booking for a recorded/ on demand class.