Healing Power of 8


Online Workshop

The healing vibration of the Lemiscate/ Infinity Symbol/Figure 8
An Online Workshop
with Kim Dowdell
Hosted by Madison King
The fee is £78.
The Workshop will be recorded with Lifetime access so you can watch anytime and anywhere in the World!

“One of the most powerful ways in which qi flows in the body is in a figure 8”
Miriam Lee – Insights of a Senior Acupuncturist

The frequency and symbolism of 8 – the lemniscate/symbol of infinity/Heaven and Earth connection is woven through many healing traditions and understandings. It resonates within the spiritual, mythical, mathematical and energetic realms.
It extends into the endless patterns of infinity, through nature and down into the figure 8 of our DNA.

8 is woven through Energetic Acupressure – we have the 8 radiant circuits/extraordinary meridians, the 8 influential points, the 8 conditions/relationships, 8 and the magic square, the Tibetan rings, the Chinese Bagua, The eight year male energy cycle. The energy of 8 weaves and flows through and around us

In the Power of 8 workshop, we will :
• Explore the energy frequency of 8 – the many ways it manifests in our World and within our own energy systems
• Learn a powerful healing infinity loop within our energy system
• Connect with some of the masterful 8th points on the meridian pathways – including Palace of Weariness, Earth Motivator, Spirit Place Gate and more
• Call on the power of 8 as it represents and embodies harmony, balance and connection within our energy matrix
• The Buddha nature, the 8 essential paths and the 8 petalled lotus blossom
• The figure of 8 and the healing “magic square” in Oriental medicine
• 8 points around the navel that treat the radiant circuits/extraordinary meridians
• An Eight point acupupressure protocol to bring balance, resilience and strength to the energy systems
• Neurodiversity and the infinity symbol




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