1The Soul Path and the Radiant Circuits

Online Workshop
with Kim Dowdell

The Fee is £120

To return to the root means tranquility;
It is called the return to destiny;
To return to Destiny means enlightenment.
Lao Tzu. The Way of Virtue

MÌNGYÙN is Destiny – our Soul path.  Every January, with the beginning of a new year, we are called to turn within to contact our deepest Yin energy and wisdom, so we can be guided in the creation of our journey through the coming year. It is a time when our Destiny, our Soul Path energy can be most accessible to us.

In Oriental tradition, our life purpose or “Heavenly Mandate” has always been integral to a life well lived.

In the MÌNGYÙN workshop we will:

  • Work with the meridian pathways that help us walk towards our destiny. We all have a unique personal vision and spiritual longing. We will focus on two of the meridians that not only play a key role in determining our physical health but also carry us into our spiritual and personal future. Learn how these 2 great tasks of physical health and divine destiny weave together within us
  • The Winter energy now is the perfect time to work with our Kidney energy and the Journey from Will into Wisdom that directs our destiny
  • We will explore some of the most beautiful Soul Path acupressure points in the energy systems
  • The Radiant Circuits and our Soul journey- each part of our life journey is anchored in the Radiant Circuits/Extraordinary meridians. We will work with the first ancestry of our radiant circuitry to bring forward our destiny. When we do “It is like inviting the patient to look right into the deep ocean of who they really are” Ann Cecil-Sterman – Advanced Acupuncture – A Clinical Manual.

Our talents, skills, gifts and joy rest within our Soul Pathway – It is our Life -Stream Energy that carries our lineage, the place where the seed of our individual destiny is planted. It is the essence of who we are and the potential for what we can become.

We will work with a beautiful acupressure protocol to align us to our Soul Path energy.

The techniques, acupoints and protocols in the workshop are powerful tools for us to connect with our own individual destiny and to help our clients reach that deep inner destiny within themselves.













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