Nourished by Nature – The Earth Element


The Season of Nourishment and Balance is with us

As we embrace Late Summer and the Earth element, we move into that special time when Yin and Yang sit in balance – that pivotal point as we start the journey out of the high Yang of Summer and before we begin the movement inward to the Yin of Autumn.

The Summer sun is still with us, but we are starting to feel the stirring of a new season now, before we and Nature start the inward Yin journey there is this glorious period of balance, abundance and harvest.

A core principle of Oriental Medicine is to live in harmony with the Seasons – to live as Nature lives and in this Late Summer class, we will:

  • Call on the Earth/Late Summer acupressure points – some of the most powerful points in the body sit within the Earth element
  • Focus on 2 of the most important pathways in the body energy system – Stomach and Spleen
  • Align with the Yi – The spirit of the Earth element and our intention, integrity, our thoughts and intellect
  • The Earth element is our “Mother” energy – the energy that “grows our body” nurtures, feeds, comforts and supports us – now is a special time for us to work with the “Mother” time within Nature and within ourselves
  • The Earth element is the fulcrum, the centre around which all the other elements and seasons move, we will activate our “heavenly pivot” energy

The Late Summer, Earth energy of the Spleen and Stomach is all about nurturing, nourishment, contentment, centredness, fulfilment, the love of Nature and family, food, digestion, thoughts, grounding, self -esteem and safety, the routines and rhythms of life.

Immune system issues, fatigue, being overweight/underweight, food “issues”, lack of self-care, digestive problems, Qi deficiency, reproductive issues, brain fog, menstrual issues, dis-satisfaction and worry, feeling unsettled or ungrounded all signal to us a call for help from our Earth element

In Oriental Medicine strong Stomach qi means strong health

If you would like to join us and “Hum with contentment in the Abundant Splendour of a balanced Earth element”, it would be lovely to see you.

The class will be recorded so if you are not able to join live you can watch the replay whenever you want and wherever you are in the World!

The wonderful Madison King is the host.


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