Oriental Wisdom – The Powerhouse Points and Protocols

Recorded Online Workshop

In the Powerhouse Points and Protocols workshop we will draw on the wisdom from the Original Chinese Medicine texts and teachings to work with some of the most powerful point combinations for health, emotional balance and inner harmony.

  • There are 6 Acupressure points, that used together in a protocol can help with just about anything. Find out what they are and why they are part of this power protocol.
  • The 3 Regions or Powers in our energetic system- where we can access our greatest dreams and turn them into reality.
  • The Extra Points – there are 365 Acupuncture points – one for everyday of the year. But, there also the Extra Points – some fabulous acupoints for sleep, joint pain and stiffness, inflammation, blocked sinuses, to calm the mind, regulate menstruation and more! We will explore some of these “Extra” points.

  • 2 Points on the Arms, 2 Points on the Legs. If you feel anxious, overwhelmed or just out of sorts – working with these “connecting points” influences all the 12 meridian flows and are a wonderful combination to welcome harmony and balance to our energetic system.

Energy flow and movement is central to Oriental Medicine, this original expression and understanding of Energy Medicine has been refined and developed for thousands of years. In this workshop we will work with, and honour that wisdom and energetic tradition, as we bring it forward into our Modern World.

The workshop will be a live zoom class. It will also be recorded, (with lifetime access) so you can watch it at anytime and anywhere in the World! It will be supported by comprehensive notes.


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