Energy Re-set


Online Workshop

with Kim Dowdell

Hosted by Madison King

The fee is £58.

The Workshop will be recorded with Lifetime access so you can watch anytime and anywhere in the World!

I am delighted to let you know that over the next year I will be offering An Energy Mastery Programme – a series of online courses covering some of the most important topics for our health and wellbeing.

The courses will be full of practical, carefully chosen exercises and protocols to optimise your energetic and physical/emotional health.

The first in the series is Energy Re-Set.  The seasonal time of the Metal element is an ideal time for us to re-boot, re-align and re-calibrate our core energies. One of the most positive things we can do for our digestive, immune , physical, emotional and spiritual health is to Re- Set our energy system.

In the Energy Re-set class, we will look at

  • A Powerful Immunity Re-set protocol from Chinese and Japanese tradition
  • The Master of Qi/Energy in the body– the Lungs
  • The most important acupoints and exercises to optimise our Energy-Reset
  • Our Immune system and Original Qi
  • Wei Qi, Original Qi and Immunity
  • The Vagus Nerve – Immunity and Vibrant Health
  • The Radiant Circuits of Yang Regulator and Belt Flow as energy Re-Set buttons
  • Nagano points and immunity – special points on the arms that both “diagnose” and enhance our core immune strength
  • Moxa – an extraordinary ability to regulate our building blocks of health – Qi and Blood

In Oriental Energy Medicine the root of our health lies in strong immunity – In Energy Re-Set we will be working with energy medicine, acupoints and protocols to build this core energy. I do hope you can join me in this Energy Mastery Class




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