Sing your Heart Song!

The Heart/Kidney Axis


Online Workshop

with Kim Dowdell

The fee is £120

The Workshop will be recorded with Lifetime access so you can watch anytime and anywhere in the World!

We are in the energy of Fire and Summer when our Heart energy can shine at its brightest.  Our Heart energy holds our love, excitement, passion, and desire.  It is the home to our Shen, the spark of Divine light that comes to us directly from the Heavens.

Summer connects us not just to our Heart but also to one of most fundamental, core energies – the Heart/Kidney Axis. The foundational alignment between the spirit and potential of every human being is held within the Heart/Kidney Axis.

In Sing your Heart Song we will be exploring;

  • The Heart/Kidney Axis as our inner sacred energetic landscape – where our spirit and will meet to create our life purpose
  • The Shen and Zhi – the Spirits of the Heart/Kidney Axis as the vital energetic relationship to balance – Fire/Water, Yin/Yang, Summer/Winter, Expansion/ Introspection, Joy/Wisdom
  • Zhong Qi as it upholds the Heart/Kidney relationship so our Spirit, will and potential can unfold
  • Shock and Trauma disrupt the Heart/Kidney relationship – I will share with you how to build the bridge back to health between them
  • Fire energy is naturally intuitive, displaying flashes of brilliant insight – We will work with an “fire” acupoint combination to ignite your intuition
  • In Oriental medicine, the Heart is the Lord and Emperor of our whole body/mind and spirit. It is the embodiment of the Heavens within us. The nine points on the Heart meridian correspond to the fulfilment of the Emperor’s destiny. We will explore the Heart points as they unfold our destiny, their connection to our emotional and mental health and also learn some of the lesser known ways the Heart points can work with womb health, back pain, sexuality, asthma, body tremors, knee and eye problems.
  • Heart health, adrenal health and the Heart/Kidney Axis
  • The Heart and Kidney diamond energy pattern
  • The intimate pairing of Kidney and Heart energy within the Shao Yin

 We will dance with the flames of Fire and the currents of Water within us, so we can this summer, through this foundational energy axis sing our true Heart Song.

The techniques, acupoints and protocols we will explore, and practice are powerful tools for us to work with for both for ourselves and others.




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