SPRING into SPRING – The HOW to Guide!

Join me on the Spring Equinox for a Live Zoom workshop – SPRING into SPRING. The class will be RECORDED and supported by comprehensive notes.

When you don’t follow your Nature there is a whole in the Universe where you were supposed to be – Dane Rudhyar

The call of awakening Nature is with us now.

As we enter Spring, new life is everywhere around us, the trees are budding, Spring flowers are emerging, young animals are in the fields, the crisp Spring weather is calling us outdoors.

A core principle of Oriental Medicine is to live in harmony with the Seasons – to live as Nature lives.

Now after the deep Yin of Winter, is the time for us to align with the Season of new life and begin our Yang journey of new creation. We are entering the season of birth, expansion and growth, our energy wants to burst forward now to find our dreams, direction and unique pathway. Full of new potential, this is one of the most exciting times of the year, let’s take up our place in the dance of life!

In this Spring, Yang class, we will:

    • Call on the Spring acupressure points
    • Focus on the powerful Liver and Gallbladder pathways in the body energy system
    • Connect with the Green Dragon of the Wood Energy
    • Align with the Hun – the ethereal soul, the spirit energy of the Spring/Wood energy.
    • Join with our emerging Yang energy so we can dream our dreams, create our life vision, bring new growth to our lives.

The Spring, Wood energy of the Liver and Gallbladder is all about new possibilities, strong, healthy boundaries, hormonal balance, visioning our best future, healthy eyesight, balanced assertiveness, courage and clear decision making, physical strength and flexibility and happy enthusiasm. If you would like to SPRING into SPRING it would be lovely to see you.

The class will be recorded so if you are not able to join live you can watch the replay whenever you want and wherever you are in the World!

The wonderful Madison King will be hosting.


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Joining link zoom codes are sent out 48 hours before a live zoom class and within 24 hours of a booking for a recorded/ on demand class.