Step into Summer – The HOW to Guide!

Zoom Class with Kim Dowdell

The class will be RECORDED and supported by comprehensive notes.

The call of full Summer is with us now.

A core principle of Oriental Medicine is to live in harmony with the Seasons – to live as Nature lives.

After the rising Yang energy of Spring, in Summer we move into the height of Yang in Nature and within our own energy systems. Our energy is at its peak now. Nature, at its warmest, brightest, most expansive, invites us to play, dance, laugh, socialise, to be outside and soak up the glorious Yang Summer Sun.

In this Summer Yang class, we will:

  • Call on the Summer acupressure points
  • Focus on the Heart, Small Intestine and Pericardium and Triple Warmer meridians
  • Connect with the red bird of the Summer Energy
  • Align with our Shen – our Spirit and consciousness that is lovingly held within our Heart and the Fire/Summer energy
  • Join Yang energy at its strongest time of the year – so we can manifest our dreams, live our destiny and shine out our individual Shen into the World.
  • Contact with the happiness, laughter, joy, love and friendship within us through our Fire/Summer energy

The Summer Fire energy is all maximum growth, loving relationships, healthy boundaries and emotions, freedom, expansion and joy. It supports our heart health and digestion, the flow of blood and qi, our deepest wisdom and happiest smiles!

If you would like to Sizzle your Summer and Shine your Shen, we would love to see at “The Step into Summer” workshop

The class will be recorded so if you are not able to join live you can watch the replay whenever you want and wherever you are in the World!

The wonderful Madison King is the host.


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