The Mysterious and Glorious Triple Warmer


Online Workshop
with Kim Dowdell

The Fee is £110

The Triple Warmer is the most discussed and yet the most elusive and mysterious topic in Chinese Medicine.

In the Mysterious and Glorious Triple Warmer workshop, we are going to walk the mystery path of Triple Warmer. We will explore the bridges of connection between some of the modern ideas of Triple Warmer and traditional understandings of how this Fire energy burns in our body.

It’s role in the body as the official of balance and harmony, is unrivalled in complexity and importance.  The workshop will be an exploration into the depths of Triple Warmer energy – we will dance with the flames of fire within us. Whatever you know so far about the great Triple Warmer meridian, its traditional depths and riches will show you more!

Some of our topics will be:

  • How Triple Warmer is a major communication highway of the energy system – linking into the 12 meridians and the radiant circuits
  • Triple Warmer and The Vagus Nerve network
  • The Aura, Triple Warmer and neuroception
  • Inflammation and the Triple Warmer
  • Triple Warmer as our social Ambassador – if you want to party/play you need your triple warmer with you!
  • Triple Warmer and the Gallbladder – their special relationship
  • Some of the most powerful and beautiful points sit within the Triple Warmer energy pathway – how to work with them
  • Triple Warmer – beyond reactivity and into calm, connection and communication
  • Triple Warmer as the distributor of our Original Yuan/Source Qi
  • Triple Warmer and the mighty Ming Men
  • The 3 Burners in the body – Triple Warmer and respiration, digestion and elimination
  • Heart Protector and Triple Warmer – Our inner and outer Worlds and how we navigate all our relationships through them.
  • Fluids, Fire and Triple Warmer

The Triple Warmer is responsible for the energetic wholeness within us – we will work with a Powerful Triple Warmer Acupressure protocol to align our whole body systems

The techniques, acupoints and protocols in the workshop are powerful tools for us to work with for both for ourselves and others







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