The Sleep Re-Set


Online Workshop

with Kim Dowdell

Hosted by Madison King

All online classes have lifetime access and are supported by comprehensive handouts.

Over the next year I am offering An Energy Mastery Programme – a series of online courses covering some of the most important topics for our health and wellbeing.

The courses will be full of practical, carefully chosen exercises and protocols to optimise your energetic and physical/emotional health.

The next class in the series is Sleep Re-Set.  The seasonal time of the Water element, Winter is SLEEP time!

In Winter, nature enters its time of deep slumber and rest, when we follow nature and rest, restore and sleep we nourish our deepest yin energy so we are revitalised and replenished for our new growth and expansion in Spring.

Whilst deep, peaceful sleep is one of the best ways of nurturing our Water/Winter energies, it is estimated that 62% of people worldwide have problems sleeping. Some common consequences of sleep deprivation are increased blood pressure, lowered immunity, low mood, diminished concentration/memory and increased inflammation – so we really do want to get that great night sleep!

 In the Sleep Re-Set class, we will look at

  • Root causes of insomnia
  • Oriental Medicine’s “sleep secrets”
  • Your Yin energy and sleep
  • The Five elements, the Five Spirits and sleep
  • The Radiant circuits that help us enjoy peaceful sleep
  • Oriental Medicine’s understandings of dreams and their meaning
  • The “Sleep Button” – great for adults and kids
  • The most important acupoints and exercises to optimise our Sleep Re-Set
  • The “sleep secrets” of the Vagus Nerve
  • Adrenal fatigue and sleep
  • Why your Brain NEEDS you to sleep
  • Natural sleep helpers – crystals, essential oils and flower remedies for a great night’s sleep
  • Ageing and sleep
  • A sleep Re-Set Protocol that is great to help you go to sleep and stay asleep – PLUS it is great for Jet Lag!

Oriental Medicine offers us deep energetic understanding about how we sleep, why we may not sleep so well and the energy flows that either help or hinder sleep.

We will be working with these deep understandings and how they relate to our modern world and work with Oriental energy medicine, acupoints and protocols to build our “sleep energy”. I do hope you can join me in this Energy Mastery Class.

All online classes have lifetime access and are supported by comprehensive handouts.




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