Online Workshop

Traditional Medicine and The Vagus Nerve 

3 part online workshop

with Kim Dowdell

Hosted by Madison King

The fee is £135.

The Workshop will be recorded with Lifetime access so you can watch anytime and anywhere in the World!

There has been a wonderful explosion of interest and research into the Vagus Nerve in recent years, largely in response to the groundbreaking work of Stephen Porges and his Polyvagal theory, marking a real revolution in the understanding of this energy superhighway.

I love working with the Vagus nerve and I am thrilled to see this “new” interest in the great energetic wanderer of our body system. However, traditional medicine has been working with this “hidden healer” for thousands of years. Modern science may have given the Vagus Nerve its name but the traditional healing practices in many cultures throughout the world have long worked with the energy of the Vagus Nerve.

I have developed the Vagus Nerve Method and over recent years taught 4 separate classes on the Vagus Nerve:

The Vagus Nerve

Advanced Vagus Nerve

Shock, Trauma and the Vagus Nerve

The Vagus Nerve and the Habit Field

I am delighted now to be sharing my NEW workshopThe Vagus Nerve and what Traditional Medicine has always known.

In this new workshop we will be alchemically weaving together contemporary understandings of the Vagus Nerve with time honoured exercises, techniques and energy points from traditional healing systems.

We will be exploring the Vagus Nerve, structurally, energetically, vibrationally, emotionally and spiritually. I will be sharing wisdoms and balancing practices for all the levels of the Vagus Nerve.

Some of the topics we will cover include:

The 2 great “wanderers” of the body system – The Vagus Nerve and Triple Warmer Meridian

  • Traditional healing practices have always known that there is an internal healing space we need to enter in order to move into wellness – learn the part the Vagus Nerve plays in creating our space to heal
  • The Chakras, the nervous system and the Vagus Nerve – their deep connection
  • The “Divine Template”,Soul patterning, the Vagus Nerve and Governing 16 how they all link together in energetic practice
  • The Vagus nerve, and the Sinew channels in Oriental medicine – are one of the keys to the wellbeing of the whole musculoskeletal system.
  • The vibrational medicine cabinet for the Vagus Nerve – including plant medicine, sound, and crystals

When our Vagus nerve is healthy and vibrant so are we!

I am really excited to be teaching this new Vagus Nerve class. I do hope you can join me.



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